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Buy With Jefi



Buying with Jefi is an experience you must have to completely understand. When her clients close escrow and get the keys, she gets a lot of reviews that say the same thing…

“The professionalism and hard working nature of Jefi got us the home we never would have gotten on our own.”

Another is…

“I can’t believe how easy she made this for us.”

The value of a buyer’s agent goes far beyond finding a buyer a home. As a matter of fact when real estate went from 3 ring binders to the multiple listing service (MLS) the world of agents finding homes changed. As a highly professional agent, Jefi explains her role in the buying process to her clients before the adventure begins.

Negotiating the best deal, knowledge of the market and the agents that work within it plus navigating 22 years of knowing the right people to do the right things to make the transaction seamless is just the beginning of the multifaceted tasks that Jefi will handle.

As a buyer’s agent, Jefi is an advocate for creative offer writing that stands out above the competition. She does this so you can be “seen” by the seller. She works tirelessly to make sure she is working at a level of professionalism that is felt by all parties building trust so her buyers have opportunities others do not.

Jefi handles the 300+ steps of the behind the scenes buying process so you don’t have to. Every one of these are equally as important and she and her team know how to navigate them seamlessly.

Jefi Moultrie, San Diego County Real Estate Agent

“A buyer’s agent doesn’t just write an offer.” Jefi says, “They are the creators of a story that jumps off of the one dimensional page of a purchase agreement; a story weaver that makes sellers take notice and want to work with them.”