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What Makes JEfi Tick

Jefi is a wife, mother, sister and friend to many. Working in holistic energy healing is one of her favorite hobbies, along with gardening, backpacking, traveling and cycling. Moss does not grow under this woman’s feet! “Working smart” is a motto you will often hear in Jefi’s office. This has a lot to do with her love of the outdoors. You can often find her on a business meeting hike if her clients are up to the challenge. Being a mother of three was and is the biggest job Jefi has the pleasure of doing. All three kids moved to Washington State to spend more time in the trees and mountains. With a background in retail sales and retail purchasing at Nordstrom, a high level of customer service was ingrained in Jefi at a very young age. Moving from Nordstrom to her own clothing line in her 20s helped set the stage for being a business owner. Jefi’s love of the earth, nature and energy can be seen and felt when you walk her home and backyard. You’ll spot fresh veggies growing, compost brewing and a garden watered by her rain capture barrels. She loves to cook, so ask if you can come over for dinner some time!
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Jefi Moultrie, San Diego County Real Estate Agent
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